The beauty of being a Watermen closing out 2017.

family10aAs we close out 2017, I want to reflect on the blessings I have been given to live my life on and around the water.  Not many people get to follow their passions to put food on the table.  I have been blessed to wake up every morning and explore the world through maritime eyes.  Made great friends across the globe, sunrise & sunsets a thousand miles from land, arctic ice fields, jungle rivers, business dinners in Singapore, cocktails in Bonifacio, etc…… Worked with great boat building companies Cabo, Hatteras, Hinckley and now back out on my own since my days of U.S. Powerboat.  This Holiday season is extra special since we just found out that my son Garrett just got news of his early acceptance to The Maritime College of New York.  This has been his number one pick and goal since the Summer between his Sophomore and junior year.  More Watermen to come.  Leah, the Boy’s and I want to wish you all a Blessed 2018!!


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